How It Works

How It Works

A client asks you to do a lease listing, but you're swamped with sales.
That's when we come in!
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Kickstart the Property Setup

After you're signed up for Sunroom, submit a client's property. We can assist with the leasing paperwork. Plus, we'll drive to the property to handle all of the real world tasks.
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See How the Property is Performing

Sunroom will market the home and show the property.
You and your client will see real-time stats and tour feedback in your branded portal.
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Approve & Sign
Qualified Tenants

Sunroom will process the renter's applications and give you a full report. Once you approve a household, we'll take care of the lease paperwork and deposits.
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Renters Move-In &
You Get Paid

We can handle billing and the move in process.
You'll get a cut of the commission for originating the lease.

Leasing is time consuming,
we’ve got your back.

You're on the way to the easiest leasing ever.

Our Team
Is Your Team

Your Account Manager will be your dedicated assistant, handling every step of the leasing process. Our talented team works renter leads 7-days a week. As a leasing brokerage, our team is solely focused on rentals, so you can rest assured that we are the best at leasing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions from our agent and brokerage partners.

1. How do I submit a property?

After you sign our referral agreement, you’ll receive a login to Sunroom’s “partner portal”. There, you can fill out a short form to kickstart the process of getting the listing live, and set your qualifying renter criteria. Once you send us the door, we have an easy way to exchange the key and get the property live. You can submit the property while it’s vacant or occupied. We recommend sending us the property 30 days before the lease expiration date.

2. Who communicates with the owner?

Some agents prefer to be completely hands-off, and ask us to communicate directly with the property owner. Other agents want to be involved and be the direct contact. Either option works for us! Keep in mind, we do not sell homes and will never interfere with your owner relationships.
We understand the importance of impressing your clients and giving white-glove treatment. Our branding is minimal since the partner portal is white-labled with your name and logo.

3. Who communicates with the renter?

Sunroom communicates with renter leads, handles phone calls & text messages, sets up all the tours, is the direct point of contact for all application questions, and guides them through the entire process until it’s time to sign the lease. At that point, we will connect the property owner with the renter and no longer be a part of that relationship.

4. Who lists on the MLS?

Sunroom will put the listing on the MLS. We handle any incoming questions or applications from outside brokerages. You have the option to be co-listed on the MLS so you can receive credit for the transaction.

5. Who covers marketing costs?

Sunroom covers the cost of marketing on Zillow, as well as any buyer’s side agent payouts.

6. What's on the yard sign?

Sunroom sets up a “for rent” yard sign with a QR code that makes it easy for the renter to tour and apply. If you have a brokerage branded yard sign you’d like to add, feel free to do so.

7. Who shows the property?

We have a team of in-house agents that work for the Sunroom brokerage. Alternatively, you can set the property on a self-showing lock system. Data shows our self-showing locks lease properties several days faster than the market. When you submit the property, you can indicate which method you prefer.

8. Who takes the photos?

Sunroom will take photos, free of charge, with our professional photography team. If you have existing photos you wish to use, you are free to upload those as well.

9. How do you process apps?

We use a 3rd party tool, through TransUnion MySmartMove. Also, our team reviews paystubs and a full TAR application. You will see a summary and have direct access to the docs. You’ll have the ability to approve or deny applicants on your dashboard.

10. What lease gets signed?

You can choose the standard TAR form, or upload a custom document and/or addendums.

11. Who collects the deposits?

We’ve built a digital way to transfer funds between the renter and property owner. You’ll have the ability to set this deposit collection system in your portal. Sunroom’s product currently only collects deposits, not the on-going rent.

12. How does billing work?

We’ve built an invoicing system, to bill the owner directly. Alternatively, you can handle billing and remit payment to us, upon completion of the lease transaction. A member of our sales team will be more than happy to go into details on pricing.

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